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Customer Web Sites

Designed and Created by Diamond Ridge, Inc.
The following web sites were designed and created by Diamond Ridge, Inc.  They represent a sampling of the internet sites that we have worked on recently.  These sites, specifically, are "static" web sites - that is, they are written in plain HTML and do not make use of database connections.  The only way for the customer to update these sites is to edit the HTML source code.

Certified Public Accountants

New York State
Society of Othopaedic Surgeons


Dynamic Sites
The following sites were designed to be more interactive.  Each of these sites has certain elements that allow the viewer to interact with them or allow the owner of the site to change the site content in real time.  All of these sites were developed by Diamond Ridge; sites marked with a * were developed in cooperation with another local technology company, Matrix Intermedia.

Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson*

Capital Pension Consultants
Government Contractors Benefits Trust

Kaleel-Jamison Consulting*

International Family Institute*


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