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Program Description

MailAlert is a convenient utility for Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/XP and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems that notifies you when you have received electronic mail.  It works with most e-mail programs, and has the advantage of taking up very little memory when in use.

MailAlert displays an icon in the notification area of your Windows task bar. When you receive a message, the icon will flash to indicate that you have new mail.

Custom Notification
You can configure MailAlert to beep, play a sound or video file, or run any program or document when you receive new mail. You can also have a message box with the envelope information (author, subject, and date) of any new messages displayed.

We mean CUSTOM!
MailAlert can notify you differently based on the message author, subject, or specific text within the message itself. For example, you could play a special sound file when you get e-mail from your boss, or execute a program to beep your pager if MailAlert finds the word "Pager" in the subject or body of the message.

If you get reminders to perform activities, like filling out a time sheet, MailAlert can open your TimeSheet program for you when it receives the reminder.

You can even choose to set criteria and select no action for the notification, effectively telling MailAlert not to notify you of certain messages. (I use this for my Mailing Lists - I like the messages, but I don't need to know about them the minute they arrive, so I set MailAlert to ignore messages from the list server.)

The combinations, and the possibilites, are endless.

New in version 2.5
- preview messages in HTML format
- faster POP3 access
- keyboard shortcuts in all dialog boxes
New in version 2.2
- the Envelope Information Window functions as a Mini-Email Client, complete with Toolbar - Compose, Reply, Forward, Delete, etc.
- Sort the message list by clicking on any of the column headings
- option to show only new messages
- compatible with most mail programs, including Microsoft Outlook 2000 (both Corporate and Internet versions)
- set up multiple mailboxes in a convenient tree format
- change icon colors to visually distinguish between mail accounts
- create your own custom icons for MailAlert to display on the task bar
- ...or use some of our Custom Icon Sets, like Christmas or Halloween (10 sets included)
- schedule suspended times, when MailAlert won't check for new mail
- different check schedules based on connection type (dial-up or LAN)
- have MailAlert open your mail client for youl, and/or Play a Sound while prompting you whether to stay connected or not (no more missing the chance if you are in another room!)
- set custom notifications on TO and CC fields as well as Author, Subject, Account, and Message Text
- expanded Help System and Troubleshooting Guide

Features Common to All Versions of MailAlert...
- Easy Setup - MailAlert detects most popular e-mail programs and configures itself!
- One instance of MailAlert can check multiple mail accounts.
- Check any combination of POP3, IMAP4, SMTP and MAPI-compliant mail servers.
- Flexible scheduling, unique to each account.
- Automatic, unattended dialing and logoff.
- Assign a unique mail client for each account.
- Multiple icons, each assigned to one or more mail accounts.
- Icon Security: password protect your MailAlert icons.
- Forward and reply from within MailAlert.
- Preview Entire messages within MailAlert.
- Delete messages off your server from within MailAlert - no need to load a bulky mail client.
- Auto-Forward or Auto-Reply to certain messages, using criteria that YOU specify.
- Screen SPAM with Automatic Deletion of messages that meet the criteria you set.
- Pass subject or message text as a parameter to any executable program - automatically!
- Check e-mail without loading your mail program.
- Works with LAN or dial-up connections.
- Auto-Redial when checking via phone.
- "Always on Top" options for the Envelope Information window and the Movie Player.
- Logging feature with selectable detail levels.
- Option to Stay Connected to a dial-up server if MailAlert finds new mail.



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