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The Properties Screen

This is where you set up the MailAlert icons and enter your e-mail account information.

MailAlert Main Properties Screen

In this example, MailAlert is configured to show two separate icons on the Windows Task Bar. The first icon, named "Diamond Ridge, Inc.", is making use of the optional " Tulip" icon set. The second, labeled " Personal", is using the standard mailbox icon.

You'll notice that the first icon has two envelope items under it, and the second icon has three. These each represent a unique e-mail account for MailAlert to check. The first icon looks in two business accounts, the second checks three personal accounts. So, if the tulip icon starts blinking, that means a new message has arrived in our business account. If the mailbox opens, we have a new message in a personal account.

The account in bold represents the "default" account for that icon. If you double-click the corresponding icon in the Windows System Tray, MailAlert will open your mail client and point it to the "default" account for you.

The Envelope Information Screen

This screen shows you the header information from any new messages that you have received.

MailAlert Envelope Information Screen

You can see who the message is from, the subject, when it was received and the size of the message. If MailAlert is checking more than one e-mail account, you also see which account the new message was sent to.

You can choose to hide any column you don't care to see, and you can sort the list by any column, ascending or descending. You can read, reply, print, create and delete messages from your mail server, all without opening your full-size e-mail client.

With the "Ignore Author" command, you can mark messages so MailAlert will no longer notify you of new mail from that author. You can even add a Custom Notification that automatically deletes these messages. It's like having your own personal "anti-spam" button.

MailAlert makes it easy.



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