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 Icon Sets 
   Icon Sets - for MailAlert 2.1 & Above
Icon Sets are groups of images that completely change the look of the MailAlert icon in the task bar. If you check multiple e-mail accounts, you can use a different icon set for each!
Tulip (red)
Tulip (yellow)
Tulip (purple)
Tulip (white)
Daffodil (white)
Daffodil (mix)
April Showers
Example:          MailAlert Original:
MailAlert with the "Tulip" Icon Set:

Note: The standard MailAlert download contains 10 icon sets, including
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah.
Robin (right)       Robin (left)
Bluebird (right) Bluebird (left)
LadyBug (right) LadyBug (left)
Use our sets, or create your own! MailAlert uses standard *.ICL icon libraries. These files can be created and edited with most popular icon editor programs, including AX-Icons.

All of these these Icon Sets in one ZIP file ( approximately 14k ),
or in a self-extracting ZIP file ( approximately 44k ).

 Some Appropriate Video (AVI) Files
Spinning Golden Envelope - 543k - Preview
Spinning Golden "e" - 660k - Preview
Blue "E" with mailbox - 909k - Preview
Spinning Statue of Liberty stamp - 279k - Preview
Spinning Swan Stamp - 606k - Preview
Swinging Gold "E" - 413k - Preview
Zooming Marble "E" - 313k - Preview
Diamond Ridge logo coin - 779k - Preview
Rolling "MailAlert" - 914k - Preview
"MailAlert" by Diamond Ridge - 587k - Preview
Wooden Capital "E" - 600k - Preview
New E-Mail - 1,021k - Preview
  Thumbnail Preview  

All these AVI's in one self-extracting ZIP file. Approximately 7.3MB

Some Appropriate Sound (WAV) Files
 Addams Family - "Mail's in"
 Addams Family - Junk Mail
 Homer - "The Mail is Here!"
 Homer - "Stupid Junk Mail"
 B. Bunny - "A Letter - for Me."
 Intel chimes
 Jetson Doorbell
 Cuckoo Bird
 Addams Family - "Ah - the Mail's In"
 Concorde: {Thwack!} "Message for you, sir!"
 Worf: "Captain - Incoming Message."
 Intercom Hailing signal
 "Letter For Me!"
 "You have: one new message"
 "You've Got Mail."
 "Deliver the letter..."
 Hal: "There is a message for you."
All nineteen sounds in one self-extracting ZIP file. Approximately 383k

Some contributions from our friends at RushData
 "Special Delivery"
 Valley Girl
 Attention Signal
 Happy Mail
 Mad Mail
 Mail Song
 Check yer Mail
 Silly Mail
 Robot Mail
 Evil Mail
All these sounds and more in one self-extracting ZIP file. Approximately 456k

No Sound Card? Try Microsoft's PC Speaker Driver
How to install the Microsoft Speaker Driver in Windows 95/98/ME.



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